Happy Holidays!

Hopefully everyone had a great holiday with their friends and family. It didn’t feel much like Christmas weather wise, but it looks like colder temps are on the way. 

Before we get 2015 underway, there are several things USSA East wants to bring to your attention.


State Memberships: It is a requirement that USSA members are also a member of a state association / division. This goes for competitors at every level, including college skiers. If an athlete is not a member of a state association / division, they will not be allowed to start in regional FIS events and will not be considered for development spots. Please make sure all of the competitors in your club, on your team or in your family are current with their state association / division.

 2014-15 Eastern Region Handbook: The majority of questions members have can be found in the pages of this document. Sometimes it feels simpler to just fire off a “quick” question email to USSA East staff (Patti most often), but these emails pile up in in-boxes rather quickly. Please take the time to read this document, it will make your job and ours much easier. Click here for the Handbook.

Eastern FIS Dates Deadline Document: For each FIS series, we are still seeing a number of late intents and late development requests. In December, we were generous given the new system but in January we will be attempting to stick to what’s been published. The EFDD can be found by clicking here. Those of you missing deadlines should print this out.

 For development requests, it is critical that: 1) The athlete was intended for the series, prior to making the development request, 2) The request is made through the Google form Patti emails when the request period opens and not through an email to Martin or myself, 3) The athlete is a member of a state association, 4) The request is made on time.

 USSA Staff Pre-proposals: We are still taking feedback on the pre-proposals released this fall. In general, the feedback has been very productive; thanks to all who provided theirs. Sean Higgins, UVM Alum and Ski Racing reporter wrote an article (found here) recently about the calendar pre-proposal. The pre-proposals can be found by clicking here and scrolling down to National Initiatives.

Thanks everyone and an early Happy New Year to all!