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Race Name:VARA Alpine Official Clinic Cochran's
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Date: 11/11/2017


Mountain Details: 11/11/17 Saturday, Cochrans, 9:30-12:00 AO Update, 12:30-15:00 RF1 Test

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MISC Details: All Alpine Officials are required to attend an update once every two years. All of you should hopefully know how to log-in to Go to "Member Lookup." Find yourself in the database. Click on your USSA number on the right. Look for "Last Clinic Season." If it says 2017, then this year is optional but suggested. If it says 2016 or before, then you must update this year to keep your certifications and to do portions of your job. Most VARA clinics are $30. - A few important points: Here is a link to the master Eastern clinic schedule: Tests! RF1 (Referee level 1 tests) will be scheduled at most AO Updates. No appointment is necessary for RF1. Other tests can be administered simultaneously, by appointment. If you're ready to sit for a test, let me know which test and which clinic. ([email protected]) The FIS TD Update in Lake Placid 10/27 - 10/29 is not limited to FIS TD's. It's more expensive than a VARA clinic, but I have found these to be extremely informative. You can contact mailto:[email protected] for more info. Race Administration and Timing and Calculations clinics count as an update. Coaches! Can't get excited to sit through another discussion of homologated race suits? Consider attending an RA or TC clinic and learn more about another aspect of the sport. In addition to VARA RA and TC clinics, there will be Eastern Region clinics for FIS RA and TC. Even if you don't run FIS events, they're informative and valuable for RA's and TC's at all levels. (MMSC, RA 11/11/17, TC 11/12/17) You can attend AO updates anywhere, but you MUST make sure that the presenter passes on your attendance record to your home state. (If you're VARA, attending a clinic outside of VARA, I need to hear about it from the presenter. If you're non-VARA attending a VARA clinic, we need to contact your state/division coordinator.) Bring Comp Guides to updates if you have them! Electronic versions available for download on



Fees/Deadline: 30