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The Vermont Alpine Racing Association is pleased to announce that the VARA Educational Foundation will grant scholarships to deserving VARA member racers.

To be eligible for a VARA Scholarship, you must meet the following criteria:

1.     Must be a current VARA member.

2.     Must belong to a VARA member race program.

3.     Must be a  U16 and older level racer.

 Applications for the VARA Scholarships should be emailed to:   [email protected]            

                        P. O. Box 774
                         Woodstock, VT 05091

The scholarship committee will consider U16 and older age groups for assistance. The applications will only be considered if they are complete. (MUST include a copy of your last year's tax return)    Application Link

U14 age is eligible for in-season travel assistance, which can be used to help with expenses for events, post-season events, and states.  - Form

Priority will be given to applications that are complete and timely. After August 25, applications may be considered if funds are available.

The VARA Educational Foundation has been able to support VARA member Vermont athletes with up to 30,000 dollars in financial assistance yearly. 

Thank You.

Financial Assistance Form
Financial Assistance Form

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In Season Travel Assistance Form
In Season Assistance Form

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