COVID Return to Sport/School Resources & Guidelines

Return to sport protocol has been created for a number of sports entities. While US Ski & Snowboard is currently working on the guidelines for return to Ski and Club the following links may be helpful if you are planning for reentry into your club for, dryland, and ski-related activities. We are all looking forward to getting back together although it will not be the same as before COVID-19.

As more is learned and new guidelines are posted by the CDC, state governments, and the US ... we will do our best to keep you updated. The following links have useful information for your planning purposes.

COVID Planning Strategy

Working and planning within generalities is the best we can do at this time as our sport opens up in Nov/Dec for the full competition and training season. Summer camps and reentry into club programs will all be dependent on what protocol is presented from the top down.


  • Top-down process for opening and beginning reentry into training and competition
    • National level – What is recommend from the US Gov. CDC, FEMA, ETC.
  • VT State approval. What is the state approving for gatherings?
  • State Athletic Association/VPA. Consider what the state athletic association is approving for sport.
  • Venue – what are the current guidelines for the venues involved?USS – NGB Guidelines
    • Check specific ski area/ Club guidelines
  • NGB Affiliate recommendations - USS (in the works) 
Policy and procedures – working on a FEMA style reopening guideline strategy.



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USA Hockey Guidelines Link - Return to Rink and Ice Time LINK

USOPC - Event Guidelines (this document may not be applicable for lower-level events) - USOPC Event LINK 

USOPC - Return to Training -  Link