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Welcome to the VARA Race Administrator page! I hope that the information found on this page is useful and appropriate. Please reach out to VARA if there is anything you feel should be added or removed. 

Thank you for your commitment to VARA racing,  to our clubs and to our athletes. Your work is an important part of VARA. As 1st contact to our members, you and the race you are hosting can highly impact the impression our VARA skiers and families form for ski racing in Vermont. 


USSA Online Event Scheduling: Now open! - If you are an administrator and you have not received an email from JJ Ehlers with your password to allow you to schedule events for the coming season, contact JJ in Park City, [email protected]. As a reminder, November 30,  is the deadline for schedule agreements, a 25% late fee will be assessed for all new competitions entered or payments made on existing competitions made after that date. 


2021 VARA TD Assignments [Link]

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VARA AO Page [Link]

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Before the season kicks off this week here are a few new items important for RA's to know. I think you are aware of this already but here is a reminder.

VARA SR/U21/U19/16 Race Series and Rules

VARA Open Races, VT Cup Series & George Tormey Series

All racers with 40 points or fewer automatically receive complimentary entry to any VARA sanctioned USSA scored event and should contact RAs directly for entry. Athletes with points greater than 40 but less than 60 are to be refunded entry fees on race day such that a minimum of 5 athletes are comped.

NOTES on the above: below is some discussion/clarification for the above new initiative.

The race organizer has some discretion on the 40-60 point group.  If Dartmouth wants to bring five college kids with sub-60 points, we try to make that happen. If Proctor wants to get 7 athletes into a race on the back of one kid with 58 points, we don't HAVE to let that one kid race, but at the same time we don't have to say no either. 

VARA best 5 sub-60 definitely.
Anybody sub-40 definitely.
Non-VARA 40-60, depends on how the race is filling up.

All awards will be presented in the finish area unless otherwise designated, a minimum of 5 minutes, maximum 30  minutes after the final racer completes the course.

These are motions passed by the VBOD and will be implemented this year. 

This is a brief guideline for RA's quick reference!

Race Entry Fees

Vermont Cup (U21, U19, Sr, U16) Races
SL: $65      PSL: $70     GS: $65           Super G: $75
2 Super G: Site Specific ($95 would be a suggestion)

Racer Admin Fees    (RA Fee Form to be sent in with checks)
USSA Sanctioned FIS Races you owe: USSA, EASEF
USSA Scored Races you owe: USSA, EASEF
USSA Non-Scored Races you owe: EASEF (State Championships or RegionalChampionships)

Racer Admin Rates
USSA:     $10 per start for scored races
EASEF:    $3*per start Scored $ FIS / $3 per start non-scored races only if they are States Championships, and or USSA Eastern championship events      *this fee changed from $5 to $2 Dec 2015 and back to $3 for scored racing in Oct 2016.
VARA:      $2 per head per start - for all scored USSA VARA races U16-SR,  non scored "open" events including mixed age classes including VARA U16, U14 State Championships
nd to: PO BOX 774 Woodstock , VT  05091 and include Racer Admin form and name and date of event. You may choose to have head taxes taken out through the online race registration system with AdminSkiRacing.

Total Racer Admin Fees Due:
FIS Race: $13 – USSA 10+ EASEF 3

USSA Scored: $15 – USSA ($10), EASEF($3), VARA($2)

Non-Scored State Championship: $5 – VARA ($2), EASEF ($3)

Scored State Championship: $15 – USSA($10), EASEF ($3), VARA($2)

1 Start = 1 Athlete out of the start gate in the first run.
DNS = No Start.
Total Starts = Number on First Run Start List – 1st Run DNS – Waived Athletes

VARA race entry procedures may vary with age class.

U16-U21 Scored Racing(Vermont Cups, GTS etc) More info below...

  • Participants are responsible for entering races based on the guidelines set forth for the race by the site. Most entries will be required online through AdminSkiRacing, however, some sites may allow coach lists. Either way is the participants' responsibility to register and make payment (unless your coach has made other arrangements).

U14 Council Race Entry - Participant lists will be sent to the Race Administrator from clubs. Check the race fact sheet found on the VARA Calendar or club list on the homepage for further payment instructions for U14-U8.

Open Races - entries and announcements can be found on the VARA Calendar or on the Featured Clubs list on the homepage.

VARA Race Entry Procedure Guidelines:

VARA member race administrator’s and Race Organizing Committees are responsible to ensure that all host site’s required on hill volunteers, officials, and staff are current members of VARA and USSA or that volunteers have followed proper protocol (filed proper paperwork) for race day.

VARA member race administrator’s and Race Organizing Committees are responsible to ensure that all race participant entries and coaches are current members of VARA and USSA.

  • If race participant membership is not current for USSA, follow USSA membership procedures on site, if applicable, otherwise race entry is not allowed.
  • If participant competes for a VT program and VARA Membership is not current they may join the day of, on-site, online.
  • VARA club affiliated coaches MUST be USSA and VARA Members in order to have on-hill privileges. Coaches will need to show proof of membership if RA’s have not already confirmed proper memberships.

VARA race administrators need to have current VARA and USSA Memberships.

Race Entries

The VARA Entry Guidelines for 2017
The AdminSkiRacing online registration system is the recommended VARA online race registration program. You may choose to have your head tax taken out through the online registration AdminSkiRacing and they will issue the head tax check to VARA. This is highly recommended as it will reduce lengthy processing requests for head tax checks.

  • All on-line prepaid entries are considered registered entries will be reserved on start lists.
  • Coach athlete lists and or emailed entries are up to the discretion of the host site however these lists are NOT considered as registered until payment is made. VARA does not recommend accepting non paid entry lists. Payment by Check is at the discretion of the Race site, VARA recommends online race registration.
  • Host sites MUST post all race registration procedures and exceptions on the race announcement that will be posted on the VARA website.

Entry Deadlines: Suggested approx. 48 hours before the race; you could still accept entries after this date to fill the race and add late entries to a wait-list if the race is already full.  Make sure athletes know that they are on a wait-list.

RefundsAny pull after the deadline is not entitled to a refund.  Any refunds after the deadline are issued solely at the discretion of the Race Organizer.

VARA Team: VARA Team Athletes are comped for race entries for VARA/USSA events. The AdminSkiRacing online registration will allow VARA Team members to register without payment. Your race entry procedure for VARA team members for your events should be made clear on the race announcement. VARA head tax is waived for VARA Team members.

Coaches Lists: Coaches list entries are NOT considered paid entries.  Clubs that submit an entry list and have DNS are expected to pay for that entry that did not show unless there is a valid, verifiable reason. Competitors will be official entries once they have paid online. The race site has the right to bill clubs for no-shows and it is expected that payment will be submitted. A no-show is easily avoided by making a phone call or sending an email to the host site.

Setters and Officials: Setters and Officials (refs) should be selected and notified by the race organizers up to three days before the team captains meeting before the event. And they must meet USSA  and VARA requirements.

For all VARA scored races, current VARA Members have priority over out of state entries.  This means a race can fill with VARA Members only, and out of state entries will have to be turned away. If hosting a Vermont Cup (VC) and the race is filling up before the deadline; order of priority is as follows VT racers (U21, 19 SR,) U16, Out of state. If you are pulling b/c the race is full then pull out of state first and then by date of registrations. Your PROCEDURE MUST be posted on the VARA Website in your race announcement otherwise all VARA guidelines and procedures will take precedence.



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