Subject: Goggles For Docs



The website is now live. 

Please visit the site to learn more about how to mail your goggles to the hospitals that need it most. There you can choose links to hospitals in four states (there will be more) that have asked our help in sending ski goggles to the people who need them the most. 

As you know the COVID-19 crisis is taking emergency departments and ICU’s by storm and on Saturday morning I received the following email where he was requesting that our ski areas send ski goggles to his emergency room. 

 “...As you know, there are many COVID-19 patients in our ERs, and we expect many more. Eye protection is one aspect of the personal protective equipment that staff require to stay safe.

Jacobi/Montefiore is one of the largest and oldest emergency medicine residency training programs in the country. It is a true joy to help train these young doctors. Our 84 resident physicians staff three Emergency Departments in the Bronx; Jacobi, Moses, and Weiler.


Our residents are not alone in these emergency departments, it is the ultimate team sport. We have nurses, techs, attending physicians, respiratory therapists, patient transporters ect.

Personal Protective Equipment is of utmost importance...

If we can ramp up, you all literally will be helping to save lives. I have listed our three emergency departments and contacts to send goggles, about 300 for each department for a total of 900. I don't know if this is possible or impossible. If this is easy, wonderful."

Michael Halperin MD MPH 

Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship Director | Jacobi Medical Center

Since I received that first email a little over 24 hours ago, the number of hospitals on the list grown to 12 (one signed up while writing this email) with a total need of goggles of about 3600. Additionaly, the support from the ski world has been tremendous. My challenge has been to figure out how to match the need of the hospital with the willingness of the ski world to donate. 


We came up with the following system. 



2) Choose a state (you will be redirected to a google sheet, in states with more than one hospital, the hospitals are listed as tabs at the bottom of the sheet)


3) Take down the mailing address of the hospital in the state you choose so you can mail your goggles directly to the hospital 


4) Check the top of the form where it says Fulfillment Percentage, if it is greater than 100%, choose another hospital


5) Fill out the form (we don’t need all of your info if you don’t want to give it) but PLEASE put in the number of goggles you are sending to that hospital… YOU ARE THE INVENTORY CONTROL




7) SHARE! There will be more hospitals added. 


DROP-OFF LOCATIONS: Are listed and can be added. It's preferable to mail directly to the hospitals so we cut out the middle men. However, if you need to drop them off. 


WESTERN STATES: Hopefully will be added soon. Make sure you check each hospitals fulfillment. 


VOLUNTEERS: I didn’t wake up thinking I’d become the goggle guy, but here we are. Its important to help the people that help us. There is a volunteer form on the website. I need site admin help, Facebook management. Interfacing with potential donors. 


Skiing is the best sport. It's given a lot to a lot to many of us on this thread. Let’s give back to world in rapid fashion and get these folks the gear they need. 


Thank You 


Jon Schaefer