Sad News



I am very sad to inform you of the passing of our AO Chair, BB Baker. Very sudden and very sad. He was diagnosed with late-stage cancer and passed 3 weeks later yesterday evening. He was surrounded by his wife and children. 
I am shocked as we were communicating via text and phone he never let on how serious things were. He maintained his sense of humor after some of his tests and said " well they know I'm not pregnant"....  His last text was that he was back in the hospital and they were calling in his kids. I'm sad for his family and for him being gone, so young and full of energy to go go go... especially with what he was planning for our AO's.  He had such a presence on the hill, in meetings, on zoom calls, and was willing to help all! He was so excited to take on the VARA AO Chair position and had a well thought out plan for getting VARA AO's updated, informed, educated, and to find joy in their work as officials.  
Plans of a service/ceremony are pending.
Currently, times are tough enough, without this sad news. Please be well and reach out to me at any time.