U14 Can Ams Team and Info

Great events by NYSSEF at Whiteface for the U14 Eastern Champs.
Here is a link to the athletes who made CAN AMS - LINK
Congrats to all VARA Racers ...it was a challenging weekend, and they all managed with gusto. Thanks for all you do for your athletes and the sport.
30 girls and 30 boys go onto Can Ams
VT has 18 boys and 16 girls going!

U14 Can-Ams

Thirty Eastern athletes per gender will qualify to represent the Eastern Region at the U14 Can-Am Races. 


30 Eastern athletes per gender will qualify to the Can-Am from U14 Eastern Championships

  • Winners of individual events contested at the U14 Eastern Championships (SG, GS, SL) or whatever events are able to be contested, followed by rankings based on each athlete's best 2 single run and/or overall results from the series. First place(s) will receive 1 point; second place(s) will receive 2 points, etc. The results of out of region athletes who are given entrance to the U14 Championships under the discretionary quota of the Eastern office are purged. Ties will be decided by the next best place (third result/place). Athletes must choose U16 Nationals or U14 Can-Am and must notify the Regional Director within 48 hours of completion of U14 Eastern Championships. 


Seeding at the Can-Am will be done separately for each event, and will be based on the same place points system from the U14 Eastern Championships used to qualify for the Can-Am. This means that the seeds will likely vary for each discipline.

Scoring and other Special Can-Am Rules

Scoring information and other special rules specific to the Can-Am (such as course setting regulations) can be found on the Governance page of the Eastern Region website.

U14s Racing in Scored Races

Eastern second-year U14 athletes are allowed to race for points under the following provisions: 

  • Second-year U14 athletes from “southern” divisions (TSASRA, NJSRA, PARA, SARA) may compete in scored races starting on March 1. 

  • Second-year U14 athletes from “northern” divisions (MARA, NHARA, VARA, NYSSRA) may compete in scored races after the conclusion of the U14 Eastern Championships. 

  • Points will not be used for any U14 selections, or seeding at any non-scored U14 race. 

  • No out-of-Division scored racing for U14s prior to the conclusion of U14 Eastern Championships. 

  • No out of region scored racing for U14s, except at U16 Nationals.