VARA State Team to Easterns and Finals

Congratulations to the VT Eastern and Finals Team!

Information on these events can be found on the VARA announcements section of the VARA website.

Link here to view the team selections. Purple indicates the VT selection to the Easterns and yellow indicates the Finals selections.

The Am Cans list will be finalized after the Easterns.

Thank you and GOOD LUCK to all VARA competitors!!




1.  Samantha Trudeau - BMA

2.  Adelaida Pallas Nomen - BMA

3.  Alexa Elliff - BMA



1.T Tanner Graves - KMS

1. T Aidan Robin - BMA

3. Erik Holm - SMS


March 7-13 Ronnie Berlack Eastern Region Grand Prix Sponsored by Nordica Announcement [PDF]
March 22-25 U16 Eastern Finals [PDF]