Shelley Glover Award

Shelley Glover was a gifted athlete, but, more than that, she was an inspiration. She chased her dream with an unwavering commitment and passion, and did it all with humility and a profound compassion for others. Born in Madison, WI in 1986 Shelley began ski racing locally for the Tyrol Basin Ski Team. In 2001 she began her sophomore year at Burke Mountain Academy and quickly gained momentum, joining the US Ski Team for the 2003 season. Shelley was a true friend and a person that cared about all, spending much time helping her younger peers manage the ski racing life while working hard and being a positive role model at Burke Mountain Academy.

The Shelley Glover Scholarship is awarded each year to a young individual who shows compassion for those around them who are in need, who reaches out to and enjoys working with younger individuals, who displays dedication and commitment to academics, who inspires fellow athletes to reach their potential, raise their expectations, and exceed their limitations, who skis with passion, power, and determination, tenacity, perseverance, and drive through their training, and who enjoys the journey that leads to success.