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Burke Mt Academy
[ BMA ]

Race Secretary:

David Iverson

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All registration on

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[email protected]

Burke Mountain Academy
60 Alpine Lane
East Burke, VT 05832

Phone: 802-626-5607


Race Name:NVC U12 TEAM RACE at BMA
Age Groups: U12
Gender: M/W
Date: 3/2/2014

Mountain Details: Each athlete will be assigned to a team. Each athlete will take two runs. Their single fastest time will contribute to their team's time. The team's time will be the average of all of the member's best times. The winning team will be the team with the lowest average time. Medals will be given to every member of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams. There will be no individual awards. Team size will be between 10 - 20 athletes. BMA athletes will be randomly broken into two teams: BMA1, BMA2. COCH athletes will all be on the same team: COCH. GMVS athletes will be randomly broken into three teams: GMVS1, GMVS2, GMVS3. JAY athletes will be combined with MMSC's half-team: MMSC/JAY MMSC athletes will be randomly broken into two full teams and a fusion team with JAY: MMSC1, MMSC2, MMSC/JAY. MRSC and SNSC will be combined into one team: MRSC/SNSC Each team will contain both boys and girls. Half of the BMA boys will be assigned to BMA1 and half will be assigned to BMA2. The same will be true for the girls, and the splits will be done the same way for GMVS and MMSC. Each team will run as a group. That is, all members of MMSC1 will run with consecutive bibs. The start order for the teams has been randomly determined. Likewise, the start order within each team has also been randomly determined. Teams are required to come up with a cool team-name. Teams are encouraged to come up with team songs, logos, mascots, costumes, etc. DNS athletes will not be included in the team scoring. Athletes who DNF or DSQ both runs will be assigned a time that is two seconds longer than the best time of the slowest athlete in the race. Please contact [email protected] with any questions. (The format of this race was changed from a four run dual to a two run single course in order to meet USSA vertical drop limits for U12's.)

Governing Body: NVC

MISC Details: Please Park in the Overflow Lot on the right just before the access road bears right. It is about 100 yards before you come to Mid-Burke Lodge. Schedule 7:15-8:30 Registration in Mid-Burke Lodge 7:00 Poma open for jury and race workers. 8:00 Poma open to coaches and athletes. 8:30 Mandatory Team Captain’s Meeting at base of Poma 8:30-9:15 First Run Inspection. Find your team! Inspect with your team! 9:30-11:30 First Run in bib order 11:45-12:15 Second Run Inspection. Inspect with your team! 12:30-14:30 Second Run in reverse bib order 14:45 Awards outside Mid-Burke Lodge. IMPORTANT: DO NOT GET OFF OF THE POMA AT THE RACE START. YOU MAY ONLY GET OFF AT THE MID STATION (AKA TURN TOWER). BIBS AND TICKETS WILL BE PULLED. Please note: Only the Poma will be open at 8:00. The chair will open at 9:00.

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Fees/Deadline: $10