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Greetings VARA Club Member!

Welcome to the Vermont Alpine Racing Association! After you read instructions below, please click the [2015 Membership Registration - Click here to Register]  to register your club with VARA. This link is the same for Renewing or New Members. If you do a member look up you will not show up on the VARA member lookup if you are not a current member.

Your club is an important part of VARA ! VARA club support is a vital component of the Vermont Alpine Racing Association. Thank you for your membership and for your support!

 To Register as a CLUB:

1. Click on the link above [2015 Membership Registration]
2.[Create an Account] then enter log in information(save this -email address used and password) hit [Continue]
3. Click [Create a Family Acct]  ** this does not mean you are registering as a family, this button just creates your club account with Admin Sports
4. Enter "Participant Information"- Just enter your club name where it asks for last name, first name....
5. Enter your birthdate or as a club you may enter 01/01/00 but name should always be the club name, you may select your club - Click [Continue]
6. Click [Register] Button- answer participant questions continue to check out.

To register as an individual/s:

1. Choose "create an account" if you have never used Admin Sports before. (Which most VARA Members Have NOT)
2. Input "Log In" information, keep email address used to log in and password in a safe place. Hit [Continue]
3. Click [Create a Family Acct]  ** this does not mean you are registering as a family, this button just creates your account with Admin Sports
4. To register your ski racer choose [Add a Participant] Button-  input info, choose NO  when asked is this a family membership unless you are registering more than 3 competitors, then choose [continue]
5. Next, either add another participant or choose "register"
6. Proceed to 'Checkout"


To register as a family membership:

1. Family membership should be considered if you are signing up 3 competitors or more.
2. Create your family account
3. Add your participants
4. "Register" each individual that is participating this season
    -During registration, it asks you if this membership is part of the family registration. You need to select Yes to get the family discount
5. Once you hit the $170 amount, if you selected yes to the family membership, the family fee will be charged. This will be reflected on the cart page.


Competitor age  classes are determined by birth year as follows.

 Class             Age         Birthyear
Alpine Youth     (U8-$35, U10-14 $55)
U8         (7-under)    2007-younger
U10         (8-9)         2005-06
U12        (10-11)       2003-04
U14        (12-13)       2001-02

Alpine Competitor  (U16-SR $65)

U16        (14-15)        1999-00
U18        (16-17)        1997-98
U21        (18-20)        1994-95-96
SR        (21-over)      1993-under

Coach membership - $65
VTAO Membership - $35
VARA Club Membership - $200



Please renew your membership by clicking the renewal link below! Thanks!!

2014 Registration Renewal Link